New! Vanish Pressed Powder Concealer by Bloody Mary-Bisque Color Correcting Powder

$27.95 USD

Secrets of a Hollywood Makeup Artist VANISH under-eye concealer is a Bisque color correcting pressed powder concealer. Use under your eyes to remove dark circles and brighten up any area of your face. Look refreshed with VANISH!

*For use on Light to Medium Skin Tones

The creator of this magic product is Bobbie Weiner aka Bloody Mary, an internationally known makeup artist, and master of transformation owner of Bobbie Weiner Enterprises, a product development company she started 26 years ago in a garage in San Diego, CA. Her line of makeup and Bloody Mary Mixes have been presented and promoted in the new mega-hit TV show "True Blood" and in their new "How to Throw a True Blood Party" Kit.
Check out the Before and After Pictures of Bobbie, the creator of this wonderful product.

When asked how she came up with the formula for this magic stuff, Bobbie had this to say-
"It is the greatest invention I came up with 29 years ago when working in the film industry. It was 6 pm. Had been working a full day and we had to re-shoot some scenes. I was not near my trailer and had to come up with a solution to refresh the actress and actor. I did a concoction of some powders and used them under their eyes. It worked perfectly! I now have dark circles under my eyes and I blended these 2 colors and it still works. I use No other makeup and it works great on all light to medium skin tones."

We're Proud to be the only Certified Retailer on Etsy of the Bloody Mary line of Cosmetics and FX Makeup and to now offer it here at Coastal Party Supply!

All Bloody Mary products are proudly made in the USA, non-toxic, and FDA-approved. They're also Vegan and NEVER tested on animals.