Attention Grabbing Lipstick by Bloody Mary-8 Colors

$17.95 USD

Bloody Mary pigment-rich professional lipstick in Red Blood, Black Blood, Charcoal Grey, Metallic Blue, Light Blue, Green, Purple, and Metallic Chrome (Silver).

*NOTE- These creamy metallic lipsticks DO NOT contain ANY glitter. All Bloody Mary Products are non-toxic, FDA-approved, and made in the USA!

HIGH-QUALITY LIPSTICK THAT IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU: No more cheaply made lipsticks for you! These amazing lipsticks are made by the world-renowned, professional makeup artist Bobbie Weiner and here in the USA. Get ready to enjoy unmatched quality and indulge yourself with nothing less than the best.
RICH PIGMENT AND STRIKING COLOR: If you want to be the center of attention, these striking colors are a must-have for you! The rich pigment and the stunning color of this creamy, long-lasting lipstick are bound to enchant everyone that comes your way! Your eccentric look will be unforgettable.
PERFECT YOUR HALLOWEEN APPEARANCE: The Shiny Silver Metallic Chrome lipstick is our most popular and will give your lips a radiant, captivating look, helping you stand out at any masquerade party, rave, parade, or costume event. In addition, you can use any of these richly pigmented lipsticks to create extremely trendy night-out makeup.
STAND OUT ON ANY OCCASION: Whether you are going to a Halloween party, a themed event, an art show or you have a theatrical performance or a horror video project, you will be the one to capture everyone's attention.