Blood Red Lipstick- by Bloody Mary

$17.95 USD

Drench your lips in Bloody Mary's New, one-of-a-kind "Deepest of Blood Red" Hollywood Quality Lipstick. 

A True Blood Red Color by Bloody Mary

All Bloody Mary Products are Proudly made in the USA!
About this item-

CREATE A STUNNING LOOK THAT'S SURE TO IMPRESS: Everyone knows that fashion and style are all about THE little details that make a big difference. This Bloody Mary lipstick has been carefully designed to add a unique touch to your style and take your disguises or costume to a whole new level! Try it now!

HIGH-QUALITY LIPSTICK THAT IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU: No more cheaply made lipsticks for you! This amazing blood-red lipstick is made by the world-renowned, professional makeup artist Bobbie Weiner and here in the USA. Get ready to enjoy unmatched quality and indulge yourself with nothing less than the best.

RICH PIGMENT AND STRIKING COLOR: If you want to be the center of attention, this striking blood-red lipstick is a must-have for you! The rich pigment and the stunning true blood-red color of this creamy, long-lasting lipstick are bound to enchant everyone that comes in your way! Your eccentric look will be unforgettable.

STAND OUT ON ANY OCCASION: There is no way you will remain unnoticed! Whether you are going to a Halloween party, a themed event, an art show or you have a theatrical performance or a horror video project, you will be the one to capture everyone's attention!

What our customers are saying about this item-

CRYSTAL on May 17, 2021  5-Stars

Beautiful! Perfect shade of blood red. Bought for Vampire Ball in New Orleans.