Green Lipstick-St. Patrick's Day Lipstick- by Bloody Mary

$17.95 USD

Just in time for those St. Patrick's Day Parades and Parties!

Get your Leprechaun on with this gorgeous bright green lipstick by Bloody Mary!

CREATE A STUNNING LOOK THAT'S SURE TO IMPRESS: Everyone knows that fashion and style are all about THE little details that make a big difference. This Bloody Mary lipstick has been carefully designed to add a unique touch to your style and take your disguises or costume to a whole new level! Try it now! **ST. PATRICK'S DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

RICH PIGMENT AND STRIKING COLOR: If you want to be the center of attention, this striking green lipstick is a must-have for you! The rich pigment and the stunning green color of this creamy, long-lasting lipstick are bound to enchant everyone that comes in your way! Your eccentric look will be unforgettable.

No more cheaply made lipsticks for you! This amazing green lipstick is made by the world-renowned, professional makeup artist Bobbie Weiner and here in the USA. Get ready to enjoy unmatched quality and indulge yourself with nothing less than the best.