Jet Black- Goth Vampire Fangs by Bloody Mary

$11.95 USD

The newest and hottest look from Bloody Mary®. JET BLACK FANGS. Stand out among all the other Vampires and Monsters. These are the ultimate in Reusable Vampire Fangs! They come in their own custom Bloody Mary Fang Box for easy carrying anywhere. Comes with mold-making material that is quick and easy to use and makes a perfect permanent mold that will fit every time!
About the molding material we use (included): Our formula is the same material that dentists use. It is high-quality bonding material that adheres to the gums, unlike adhesives. We only use the best!

~Makes a perfect permanent mold that will fit every time.
~Professional Hollywood Fangs by Bloody Mary- Professional Hollywood Special Effects Makeup Artist
~FDA Approved materials

Be the Gothic Vampire you always wanted to be!

HINT: Want to make your fangs red. Paint them with our special tooth paint in blood red! (Non-Toxic Teeth Paint Sold Separately)

***PLEASE NOTE-Regarding All SALES of items that are placed on the face/eyes/lips, in the mouth, or on/in genitalia THESE SALES ARE FINAL. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for these items due to health regulations and Covid-19 restrictions. TIA for your understanding.