MacAweenie and Cheese Adult Pasta Kit- 6.25 oz.- Bachelorette Party Food

$13.99 USD

Enjoy a bowl full of delicious MacAweenie and Cheese tonight for dinner. The Latest Creation from "Chef MacAweenie! It's "MACAWEENIE & CHEESE" Penis-shaped Pasta with Real "Kraft" Cheese! Serve this fun dish at any party and watch your party guests go crazy with laughter as they suck on these naughty "Cheese Weenies"!

Follow the instructions on how to prepare your MacAweenie and Cheese to insure great amounts of pleasure for your taste buds. **Caution after cooking: Your weenies will be hot and wet! Keep this in mind before you slip a MacAweenie in your mouth, or anyone else's! Yummie!

Net weight is 6.25 ounces; approximately 4 servings.