Metallic Chrome Lipstick by Bloody Mary

$17.95 USD

One of The Newest Lipstick colors from Bloody Mary Cosmetics is this gorgeous Silver Metallic Chrome. This is a creamy metallic lipstick that does not contain any glitter.

We carry all the Bloody Mary Cosmetics lipstick colors that are outrageous and so unique, you'll want to own them all! Mix and Match and Blend!

Don't take our word alone for how fantastic this lipstick is! Read reviews from very satisfied customers below.

About this item- 
CREATE A STUNNING LOOK THAT'S SURE TO IMPRESS: Everyone knows that fashion and style are all about THE little details that make a big difference. This Bloody Mary lipstick has been carefully designed to add a unique touch to your style and take your disguises or costume to a whole new level! Try it now!
HIGH-QUALITY LIPSTICK THAT IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU: No more cheaply made lipsticks for you! This amazing Shiny Silver Chrome lipstick is made by the world-renowned, professional makeup artist Bobbie Weiner and here in the USA. Get ready to enjoy unmatched quality and indulge yourself with nothing less than the best.
RICH PIGMENT AND STRIKING COLOR: If you want to be the center of attention, this striking Metallic Silver lipstick is a must-have for you! The rich pigment and the stunning green color of this creamy, long-lasting lipstick are bound to enchant everyone that comes your way! Your eccentric look will be unforgettable.
STAND OUT ON ANY OCCASION: There is no way you will remain unnoticed! Whether you are going to a Halloween party, a themed event, an art show or you have a theatrical performance or a horror video project, you will be the one to capture everyone's attention.

**Does not contain any glitter.


Meliz on Jan 4, 2022

Absolutely amazing! Goes on just as opaque and metallic as the photo and STAYS ON without being too dry or flaky. I wore this for go-go performances all through new years eve and new years day and even with sweat and drinking water frequently I seldom had to reapply. Also - super fast shipping, got to me quick so I didn't have to stress :) Thank you!!

Tay on Dec 9, 2021 

this lipstick is AMAZING! Omg, I love it so much! the color is nice and is the color its supposed to be. I've bought silver lipstick and it never was the real color. but this one right here the pigment is as described. fast shipping and delivery to. highly recommend this seller