Suck A Bag Of Dicks 100 Pc Bag

$7.49 USD $8.99

Bachelorettes make the girls scramble and squeal with delight when you fill that HEN Night Party pinata with our Suck a bag of Dicks Candy treats! Whether you're filling a pinata or a bowl for a Bachelor's, Bachelorette, or Adult Birthday Party, we've got the fun and exciting treats to fill it! 

Our colorful penis candies are perfect for your Penis-shaped candy dish or bowl or sprinkle them on top of cupcakes or a party cake!  

**NOTE- Because we know it matters what it says on the package just as much as what's in the package we want to warn you that you may get a bag that either has "Tell'em to Suck it!" on the bag or "Nothing Like a Dick in the Mouth"- We can't choose so it's going to be a surprise either way. :) -THIS APPLIES TO THE SMALL BAG OF LOOSE CANDIES ONLY, NOT THE 25 INDIVIDUAL PKTS BAG. THANK YOU! 

100+ pieces per bag.