Vampire Fangs-White-Natural by Bloody Mary

$12.95 USD

Want to suck blood? Then use these high-quality and reusable fangs complete with mold-making material that is quick and easy to use, and makes a perfect permanent mold that will fit every time! Also available in Jet Black and Genuine (Jewelry Grade) Sterling Silver- (Sold Separately).

Natural tooth color Goth Vampire Fangs-

NOTE- About the molding material we use (included): Our formula is the same material that dentists use. It is high-quality bonding material that adheres to the gums, unlike adhesives. We only use the best!

~Makes a perfect permanent mold that will fit every time.
~Professional Hollywood Fangs by Bloody Mary- Professional Hollywood Special Effects Makeup Artist
~FDA Approved materials

Be the vampire you always wanted to be!

HINT: Want to make your fangs red. Paint them with our special tooth paint (Sold Separately) in blood red!